dumbellsIf you are keen to get fit and exercise regularly, here are a few sports you can take up and meet people like you.


Swimming, Cycling, Tennis, Bowling, Rowing, Weight Training


Look up local clubs and facilities in your local Council Directory or get online and search for what fits your needs. It doesn't need to be a huge commitment.


Your local club will be able to help you assess your fitness for your chosen sport or activity - it may be sensible to check with your Health Professional before undertaking anything new.


Like minded members of these groups tend to get together for more than just the chosen activity, so join something new and be open to a new chapter in your life.

Been exercising lately? Hard to find the time? We need some motivation and perhaps joining a club or  group in your local area may be just the thing.


Local gyms offer a range of programs and access to good equipment, now 24 hours a day in most populatin centres. There are even parks with exercise equipment and small personal gyms for those of us who are modest and want more personal attention.


The government and local councils offer subsidised exercise programs building strength and resilence for those aged 50 upwards and even into their 90's.


Activites like swimming is generally something we can pick up easily again, just like riding a bike. Whether its Summer or Winter, there are pools for all seasons, so there’s no excuse for not getting in the water and having some fun.


A List of swimming clubs across Australia can be found at www.swimclub.com.au

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