Easy Guide to Green Electronics

Greener Electronics Purchasing

Australian Baby Boomers are generally committed to more sustainable lifestyle choices into the future, and as such it is heartening to see the Australia Government joined the support for EPEAT - the global rating system for greener electronics in 2011, by specifying the system for all future government purchasing.

It is an easy to use resource for purchasers, manufacturers and resellers to identify environmentally preferable devices.


Greenpeace International's Guide to Greener Electronics

Do you ever think about the companies behind the products you buy? Are they being as Environmentally responsible as they would like us to believe, or that we assume they are?

Organizations such as Greenpeace International are making their own lists of the best Environmentally responsible companies, particularly in the area of Electronics. So before you purchase the latest flat screen TV or computer hardware here are some lists to help you be more environmentally responsible in your purchasing.

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