The Wellness Factor - A profile on communities

Is it Hepburn Shire in Victoria, the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, the Wilderness of North West Tasmania,  South Australia’s Barossa Valley, the Kimberley Region in Western Australia, Darwin, the High Country and Snowy Mountains region, or the Northern Beaches of Sydney?

We have invited communities around the country to submit a snapshot of the healthy lifestyle initiatives around their region which are innovative and help to keep people healthy, having fun and feeling positive. This is not a competition for the best, but a regular feature of healthy initiatives in different communities which are designed to help people remain healthy on the inside and outside. Each region, city or town are asked the same set of questions to provide a consistent and fair process. It is left up to the community as to how they answer the questions and for you to consider.

Hepburn Shire in Victoria

Our first feature is focused on the Hepburn Shire Region in Victoria. The responses to the questions come from the Hepburn Shire Regional Council. Make your own mind up on what you think? Who knows, it might be just the place to go for a holiday or stay a little longer.

Question 1.    What makes your Region a healthy place to live?

 The following programs and infrastructure make Hepburn Shire a healthy place to live:

-Health and wellness related businesses (mineral baths, massage, treatments etc.) -Organic produce – farmers markets and organic wineries -Mineral water and its healing and wellness properties -Clean environment surrounded by forest -Many reserves allowing access for both active and passive recreational opportunites -Many walking trails (eg. Great Dividing Trail) -Great community support (eg. Breast Cancer Support Group, U3A, Neighborhood House etc.) - Very dog friendly

Question 2.    What healthy initiatives can Baby Boomers (born 1946 – 1964) access in your community?

Examples of Council’s many fitness programs running on a daily basis across the Hepburn Shire, including:

- Bush walking and bicycle riding (bring your own bike) - Mineral baths, spas and any number of various massage and alternative health and  well being pursuits - Fishing -  Bowls - Tennis - Basketball - Volleyball - Gymnasium - Palliates and instructed exercise classes

Question 3.    What events do you run which promote good health and keeping active?

Hepburn Shire Council assists event organisers such as “Run for the Willow” Sun. 3rd January 2010, Run for your Life – Easter April 2010, Jubilee Lake family fishing day, Book Town – May 2010 and Words in Winter – August 2010

Fishing Jetty at Jubilee Lake, Daylesford

Question 4.    How is information made available to people which promotes good health?

Through the media, and Hepburn Shire Event Calendar is available as a poster and brochure distribution through the Visitor Information Centres in Daylesford, Trentham, Clunes and Creswick.

Question 5.    What innovations or points of difference make your community special and a great place to live? 

-The Mineral Springs and bathing waters are famous for their relaxing properties and stress relief.   -Welcoming and accepting community – Daylesford and Hepburn Springs has the largest gay and lesbian population in regional Victoria. - Various exceptional events throughout the entire year. - Good medical providers and hospitals in Daylesford, Trentham and Creswick. - Variation in climate through all the seasons eg. spectacular autumn leaves, snow in winter etc. - Variety of accommodation type and standard. Everything from 5 star luxury through to budget accommodation. (Two caravan parks in Daylesford and back packer)

New Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa Hepburn Springs


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